Gift Ideas For Your Pet – Medical Minute

Pets are really important to us, they’re like members of our family. Every year around the holidays it’s customary to give gifts to the ones we love. That includes the ones that give you infinite infinite joy and cuddles 

If you ever struggle finding the perfect gift for that special pet in your life; Dr. McGlasson is here to give you a couple of useful gift ideas for your pet this Christmas. Not only will these gifts spoil your furry friend, they will also help you as a pet owner.

Automatic Pet Feeders

The first thing that I really like is this automatic pet feeder. While this is primarily used for our cats, it can be great for small dogs and even medium-sized dogs as well. The best feature about it is you can set up portion sizes and even feed your pet from home just by using an app on your phone. 

Another helpful feature it has is Wi-Fi and a camera so you can check in on your pets while you’re away at work to make sure they’re doing okay. You can even turn on the speaker and talk to them. 

Travel & Clothing Items

Another handy gift for people with small dogs in their life are clear travel backpacks. This is just one example of a backpack that’s really nice. Sometimes if you are on a really long walk and their legs are pretty short, they get tired easily. Pet travel backpacks are a great option so you don’t have to cut your walk short. 

This particular backpack has great features. It cinches down and attaches to their collar so they can’t fall out and they can look around and enjoy the surroundings while you’re going on a hike. 

Something to consider is as it gets cold, are clothing items for your pet. A small dog like this actually can benefit from having a little shirt or a jacket on when they go outside.

We hope some of these ideas were helpful for you as far as gifts you can get for your special pets this holiday season. Happy holidays!