Meet Our Team

Dr. Mike Lies, DVM, Owner, President, and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

The Ohio State University 1980

I like being able to provide the special care a pet needs to survive and feel healthy. I’m very straightforward and will present your best options regardless of money. I work by our motto, “We treat your pet just like our own.” I recommend the exact program I would follow for my own pet. Outside of being a vet, I have an interest in marathons/triathlons and duathlons. Riding bikes is a favorite, too.

My pets: A Dobie. A Cane Corso. Three cats. One ball python and six chickens that we free range for eggs (but they follow us around like pets).


Dr. Emily Robinson, DVM, Chief Medical Officer

The Ohio State University 2014

I got my first job at a vet clinic cleaning kennels when I was 15 and haven't left the field since! I love veterinary medicine for the variety of challenges we handle on a daily basis. The most rewarding aspect of my job is being a part of the special bond that our clients have with their pets. I love being outside and hiking with my dogs. I also enjoy running and biking.

My Pets: I have a shih-tzu named Fred who is my best friend and has never left my side, a crazy lab mix named Penny, and 3 senior cats - Elwood, Stella, and Tiberius (Tibs).

Dr. Charles Coleman, DVM

The University of Missouri 1997

I enjoy conversation with long-time clients, meeting new pets and their owners, as well as educating families in the well-being of their animal companions. It is always gratifying to see a pet return home after treatment for a serious and sometimes life-threatening illness or injury. I am busy with my children’s sports and other activities. I like the challenge of doing home repairs and gardening.

Dr. Lauren Savage, DVM

The Ohio State University 2017

I enjoy educating clients on how they can help their furry family members live long and healthy lives. I enjoy getting to interact with so many different people and their pets and making a difference in their lives. It is so satisfying to see patients come in sick and improve with treatment. Soft tissue surgery, wound care and geriatric medicine are my areas of expertise. Advocating for spay and neuter and preventative care is something I’m passionate about. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and I especially enjoy spending time outside hiking with my dog, as well as running and kayaking. I also enjoy traveling to explore new places, visiting friends and family, and trying new restaurants and cooking new recipes.

My Pets: I have a golden retriever named Twinkle. She may have failed at service dog school, but she is perfect to me!

Dr. Ric Berlinski, DVM

Ross University 2003

The challenge of putting together the puzzle pieces of a challenging case is the most gratifying part of veterinary medicine to me. My areas of expertise include exotics and pet surgery. I enjoy rock climbing, fitness and Bonsai when I’m not working.

My Pets: I have an “old man” Miniature Pinscher (12 years old).

Dr. Nicole Hird, DVM

The Ohio State University 2019

I love getting to problem solve and figure out what’s wrong with pets and make a difference in their lives!

My Pets: Blackie is a 10-ish year old mixed breed dog who demands near-constant pats and scritches. He sheds unbelievable amounts of hair and likes to lick everyone’s faces. I love him.

Dr. Gina Han, DVM

Michigan State University 2019

There is always something new walking through the door, especially at Noah’s Ark. It’s never boring and no two days are ever the same.

My Hobbies: Reading, watching shows/movies, working out, exploring the city, trying new things such as new art-related hobbies, archery, etc.

Dr. Katie Taylor, DVM

The Ohio State University 2021

I enjoy building relationships with both my patients and my clients.

My Hobbies: Being outdoors. Hiking and camping. Being around friends and family.

My Pets: I have a 5 month old chocolate lab named Duck who is a wonderful ball of energy.

Dr. Lauren Davis, DVM

Ross University 2012

I enjoy helping those incapable of helping themselves. My first working introduction to medicine was in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Stanford University. So even though all aspects of veterinary medicine are rewarding, there will always be a special place in my heart for surgery.

My Hobbies: Spending time with my 3 favorite boys (my husband and 2 dogs).

My Pets: Cody is a mixed breed ball of fur that found my 9 years ago, and hasn't left my side since. Murphy is an 8 year old Siberian Husky that loves thinking he's a lap dog, and shedding.

Dr. Rachel Rein, DVM

The Ohio State University 2023

I enjoy honoring and protecting the special bond between animals and their people. I love working in cardiology, and emergency medicine is of special interest to me. My favorite breed of dog is a Bassett Hound. I am very proud to be a part of the Noah's Ark community. Outside of work, I enjoy practicing hot yoga, spending time with my loved ones, hiking with my dogs and spending time outside.

My Pets: I have two dogs - Davy and Crockett. Davy is a beagle mix that I rescued while I was in vet school, and Crockett is a Bluetick Coonhound that I rescued while I lived in Tennessee.

Ft. Wright

Dr. Kasandra Ernst, DVM, Medical Director

Auburn University 2014, The University of Findlay 2009

I love that I get to help my client’s furbabies. It is nice knowing that I get to help their furred family members and to help my clients understand how to better care for them at home, so they can ideally live a longer, healthier life together. I love anything surgery! I take a special interest in both orthopedic & soft tissue surgeries. It is nice knowing that after having performed a successful surgical procedure that I made a positive difference for both my patients & their owners. I enjoy spending time with family. I love cooking & baking. I also enjoy just lounging around and having “lazy days” with my fur-babies.

My Pets: I currently have 4 dogs: 3 Border Collies (Gracie, Annie, & Huxley), 1 Irish Wolfhound (Étaín), 3 cats: Simon, Ichabod, & Odin, 1 Chinchilla (Leo), & 2 horses (Beauty & Cherry). I also still hold a special place in my heart for the pets that are unfortunately no longer around (Mars my Great Pyrenees, Winston my Chinchilla, and Lilly, Tiger & Ducky my hedgehogs).

Dr. Scarlett Black, DVM

Auburn University 2011

The mystery behind each case intrigues me, because each offers a new challenge. The teamwork involved with medicine is also rewarding. A veterinarian is nothing without their technicians and support staff. I like reading, horseback riding, farm work, gardening, and the shooting range.

My pets: Six cats (house and barn)named Shamoo, Fatty, Elmer, Charlie, Curley, and Shorty, plus two horses named Angel and Rosie.

Dr. Travis Koopmans, DVM

Auburn 2018

I enjoy the wide variety of all the conditions we can diagnose and treat. I especially enjoy treating skin conditions because we can visibly see the improvement. When I'm not at work I'm usually doing some sort of home renovation project.

My pets: I have one demanding cat named "Mirabella".

Dr. Emma LeBlanc, DVM

University Of Pennsylvania 2018

One of my favorite parts of veterinary medicine is that no two days are the same. I get to practice a wide range of medicine and help a variety of different animals. Some days I do dental procedures or surgeries, other days I'm helping stabilize an emergency or seeing a kitten or puppy for their wellness visit. I enjoy working with different clients and feel immense satisfaction when I figure out why a pet feels sick and help them feel better. I have an interest in soft tissue surgery and dental care. I enjoy running, knitting, board games, and spending time with my cats and husband, Dan.

My Pets: I have two perfect cats: Alfred (Alfie) and Nema. Alfred is a very social mischievous cat (I'm always trying to keep him from getting into trouble!) Nema acts more like a houseplant but loves to cuddle.

They are both named after the hospital they were found outside of in Delaware at around 1 month of age.

Dr. Thomas Shoemaker, DVM

Oklahoma State 2010

Enhancing the human/animal bond through quality health care and preventative medicine is what drives me to help the clients and pets here at Noah’s Ark. After spending time with my family, I enjoy supporting Cincinnati sports teams and being outside as much as possible.

My Pets: A Great Dane named Dolly

Dr. Nicole Hawkins, DVM

The Royal Veterinary College 2022

The best part of veterinary medicine is getting to work along side some of the most intelligent, kind and compassionate people I know. It takes a team to be able to provide the best care to our patients, and I am so grateful to be a part of such a diverse team. Every day we get to make a difference in a patient’s life - from helping a family welcome a new member to being there for them at the end. No two days are ever the same, which keeps things exciting! Shopping, video games, working out, hiking, and spending time with loved ones.

My Pets: Goobert, a 1 year old mini bernedoodle who loves coming to work with me everyday and hogging the bed at night.

West Chester

Dr. Nikolaus Mahrt, DVM, Medical Director

Auburn University 2008

I find it very rewarding to diagnose and treat my patients, and then watch them leave the clinic healthy. Meeting new people and their pets is always enjoyable to me. I’m a sports enthusiast—I love my Auburn Tigers. I also enjoy outdoor activities and the peace of nature. I have two young daughters, Maya and Emma, and a wonderful wife who are the loves of my life.

My pets: A boxer named Gabe.

Dr. Maureen Brown, DVM

Ohio State University 2001

I like meeting new people and their furry family members. In our field, every day is different and there are constantly new cases to crack. It’s exciting. I’m fond of spending time with my husband and two daughters. We like to be outside whenever possible.

My pets: A handsome Boxer who’s eight-years old and our girls’ best friend.

Dr. Erin Rhodes, DVM

Ohio State University 2015

Veterinary medicine is a wonderful way for me to interact with animals and people alike. I love that my life’s work is devoted to helping animals get better, feel better and be better, and I am honored to be able to help people keep their furry family members healthy and happy. I am particularly interested in internal medicine and behavior medicine. I am very intrigued by the puzzles that various internal issues can present, and want to help find the best solutions for owners in keeping their pets comfortable and healthy. I am also eager to work with difficult behavior and anxiety problems to help strengthen the bond between owner and pet.

My pets: I have a five-year-old mixed breed pup named Penny, who I adopted while I was in vet school. She is the light of my life and my best friend!

Dr. Andrew Todd, DVM

The Ohio State University 2021

I love that veterinary medicine not only has the opportunity to care for the pets that walk through our doors but also has the unique opportunity to interact and make an impact in the lives of the people who love and care for those animals.

My Hobbies: I am an avid Cincinnati Reds fan and love playing/watching baseball. My wife and I are also very involved in our church community.

My Pets: I have a two year old cat named Clover. We are also hoping to get a golden retriever in the near future!

Dr. Rush, DVM


Dr. Noelle Liga, DVM, Medical Director

Auburn University 2000

I enjoy working on challenging medical cases, with my greatest interests in internal medicine and surgery. I also enjoy skiing, hiking and fitness.

My Pets: Beans, a 6 yo male tabby cat with a big personality. Squishy, a 14 year old long haired diabetic cat who is very sweet and has helped me understand the challenges associated with feline diabetes.

Dr. Alison Stavola, DVM

University of Kentucky 2015, Auburn University 2019

Every day is different, and I love knowing that we help those than cannot help themselves.

My Pets: Oliver (Ollie when he’s being good) is a sweet and silly 9 month old pit mix. My heart dog is Bella, who lives with my parents, but we adopted her when I was in the 8th grade. She is a 13 year old toy fox terrier, still happy and healthy!

Dr. Michelle Tate, DVM

Auburn University 2017, University of Minnesota 2022

Increasingly, I devote extra care for improving the quality of life for my geriatric patients, dental health, and soft tissue surgery. When not caring for pets, I enjoy hiking, concerts, reading, gardening, fishing, yoga, and recently took up skiing.

My Pets: I share my home with Jabberwocky the ball python, my two cats Dinah and MacMac, and my shepherd mix Padfoot.

Dr. Andrea Bays, DVM

Auburn University 2010

I most enjoy working with a compassionate, skilled team with the common goal of educating a caring client while helping their pets to have healthier and more comfortable lives for as long as possible.

I greatly enjoy and am most interested in preforming surgery on pets for both routine and emergency cases.

My pets:
I am blessed to live on a farm and have 5 horses which are mostly pasture ornaments unless we take them on a local trail ride. I have three cats. Maggie who is strictly indoor was adopted when I was in vet school so she put up with my crazy schedule and hours of studying and has made several 9 hour trips between Kentucky and Alabama. The other two are indoor/outdoor barn cats who love to hunt mice and other rodents on the farm. I have a 110 pound German Shepherd who loves his mama and is a great guard dog but also loves to play fetch with anything and everything. The other dog is a young Golden Retriever that I got my husband for Christmas, she thinks she owns the couch and loves children. I also share ownership of 30 head of angus cross cattle at my parent's farm.


Dr. William Rice, DVM

Ross University 2012

Helping animals feel better and getting them back home is my greatest reward. When I can, I like to get outdoors.

My pets: A Siberian Husky and a Shih Tzu mix.