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Temporary COVID-19 Curbside Care
Updated 11.5.2020

Due to increased COVID-19 spread in all of the counties we serve, we are temporarily providing curbside care at all of our hospitals.

Curbside Care Tips:

  • Begin your visit from anywhere by using our Online Check In. Use the link we send to monitor your place in line.
  • Please try to arrive at your clinic when you are 3rd in line to minimize wait time in your car, and let us know when you have arrived.
  • Please remain in your vehicle or distanced from others until you receive the message that we are ready for your pet.
  • Please make sure you are wearing your mask when you come to the door to drop off your pet.
  • Please remain in the parking lot while your pet is in the hospital.
We are monitoring community spread numbers closely, and hope to be able to welcome you back into the clinics as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Stay safe. Be Kind. We'll get through this together.

-Your Friends at Noah’s Ark

Colerain Twp, OH

Currently Closed

West Chester, OH

Currently Closed

Ft. Wright, KY

Currently Closed

Florence, KY

Currently Closed

Tips for Staying Healthy while getting care for your pet.

Any care that can be delayed, should be delayed. If your pet is over 2 years old, healthy, and previously vaccinated, you can delay that care until after this period.
Online check in is for non-critical veterinarian visits only. If your pet is having an emergency, is checking in for a surgical appointment, or end-of-life care please do not use online check in and go directly to your nearest clinic.
Instructions: After checking in online, please remain in your car and follow the text prompts to know when to come to the door to admit your pet. For most visits our staff will meet you at the door and take your pet to see the vet while you return to the car. We will communicate throughout the visit by phone.
If you are not present in the parking lot when we are ready for you, you’ll be notified twice, and then you’ll receive a message that your visit was cancelled. If your pet still needs to be seen after your visit is cancelled, please let our staff know when you arrive.