Adult Cat WellPlan

(Enrollment Age: 6 months - 6 years)

12 Monthly Payments
+ 2Comprehensive Physical Exams
+ Standard Annual Vaccinations
+ 2 Fecal Parasite Screens
+ Feline Infectious Disease Test
+ Full Year of Revolution Parasite Preventions
+ Initial Early Disease Detection
+ Unlimited Toe Nail Trims
20% Savings
Upgrade Option
+ Laser Spay or Neuter+ $14/mo
+ Dental Cleansing (Additional cost for extractions & oral surgery)+ $18/mo

Stop by Your Nearest Clinic to Enroll

Clients in good standing with our clinics may get started today with:

a) Completed Enrollment Form

b) Debit or credit card to be billed monthly

c) First month’s payment plus a $30 one-time enrollment fee

Auto Renewal:

Plans auto renew each year.


You can cancel anytime. Redeemed services are required to be paid for at the time of cancellation.

Plan Escalation:

• After 1 year, Kitten Plan will roll over to Adult Cat Plan.

• Adult Cat Plan will roll over to Senior Cat Plan at time of renewal after reaching 7 years of age.

Not Insurance:

Our WellPlan covers your pet’s preventative wellness care. It is not insurance, and does not cover illness or medications.

WellPlan Terms & Conditions +