What is the Human Animal Bond?

In our ever changing world, it’s no surprise that people are beginning to think of and treat their pets as members of their family. The human animal bond is special – it has the power to influence one’s quality of life for the better, both for pets and their caretakers.

Today, it’s stronger than ever with nearly 1 in 5 households having adopted a pet in 2020!

That’s a lot of Greenies. 

Health Benefits from the Human-Animal Bond

A study from the Human Animal Bond Research Institute says, “Pet health is clearly linked to human health, according to pet owners surveyed. In fact, 87% of pet owners have experienced the mental health and/or physical health benefits of the human-animal bond. Meanwhile, virtually all pet owners around the world (98%) reported at least one specific benefit to their health from their pets including increased happiness, reduced loneliness, and decreased stress.”

We know that having strong, healthy friendships and relationships is important for our overall health and wellbeing. Human-animal bonds have a similar effect. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute also states that pet owners are willing to make significant changes to their own lifestyle to enhance the care and attention they provide to their pets. The ability to care for something and make sacrifices or changes to your life for the good of someone other than yourself shows empathy and compassion, two things that can be hard to learn in our world today.

Bonded at Work and Home

Stephen Bernard is a client at our Ft. Wright office. Stephen worked as a dog trainer for TSA for many years. He had multiple working dogs throughout his career and each time one of his dog partners retired, they joined Stephen at home and became a part of his family. Recently, Stephen retired and Blizzy got to retire with him! They both are workaholics by nature and have started working for Reds security this season.

Stephen’s story is an example of how naturally the human-animal bond is formed. At Noah’s Ark, we believe that the ability to have a pet should be available to every family. The joy that pets can bring into our lives is something that can greatly improve the quality of life for all types of families.

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