Treating Your Cat’s Arthritis – Medical Minute

Arthritis in Cats
Did you know that 60 to 90% of cats over the age of 12 suffer from arthritis?

A lot of cats are suffering from Osteoarthritis (arthritis) and we may not even know it. Some things to look for: is your cat going slower up and down the steps? Are they no longer jumping up and down off of things like they used to, or maybe even limping?

What Causes Arthritis in Cats
According to VCA Animal Hospitals, “There is no single cause of OA. Many factors influence its initiation and development including:

  • Body conformation (how a cat is built)
  • Body condition/weight (overweight and obesity are highly correlated with OA)
  • Abnormal joint development
  • Injury history (fracture, ligament damage, muscle injury, joint infection, damage/erosion of cartilage)
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Nutritional history

We now know that just “getting old” is NOT a cause of OA.”

Up until this year, we’ve had very few options as far as how we can help our cats with arthritis. The great news is we now have a product that can really help and make a huge difference in the quality of life of our cats. This is a new drug called Solensia.

Treating Your Cat’s Arthritis with Solensia
Solensia is a monoclonal antibody injection that we give once a month to our cats with arthritis. Because Solensia is a monoclonal antibody and it’s not a non-steroidal, we don’t have to worry about side effects to the liver, GI tract, or anything like that. With just one quick injection every month, we can really help to manage your cat’s pain and keep them happy and comfortable.

We know that any time your pet needs medical attention it can feel scary, but it’s always best to be proactive. With the right pain management, there’s no reason your arthritic cat can’t live a long, happy life!

If you think your cat might be suffering from arthritis, come down to see us at Noah’s Ark Animal Clinic, and we’ll figure out if Solensia might be a great option for your cat.


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