Traveling With Pets – Medical Minute

Traveling with Your Pets

This is the time of year when everybody likes to go on trips. As you can see above, Dr. McGlasson and Winnie are getting ready to go on a big trip together. Trips can be great fun with you and your pet, but we want to make sure you’re aware of some of the things to be prepared for when traveling with your pets.

Is Your Pet Microchipped?

To be a good pet parent, you really need to plan ahead when you’re going to travel with your pet. First, we want to make sure your pet is microchipped. If your pet is microchipped, they’re twice as likely to be found if they happen to get separated from you. We don’t want to go on a trip and lose our pet. Nothing would be worse.

Is Your Pet Vaccinated?

Next, we want to make sure all of your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date. When you’re traveling with your dog, they’re likely going to want to interact with other dogs. It’s good for your pet to be social and make some friends along the trip! However, this can pose a higher risk for your pets to pick up diseases which could potentially be very dangerous for them.

Stop by and see us at the vet to make sure all the vaccines that your pet needs are up-to-date, or check out our Treat Your Pet WellPlans to relieve some of that stress and confusion over if your pet has the vaccines they need or not.

If Your Pet Is Afraid of Travel

The final thing we want you to think about is how does your pet travel in the car or on a plane? Do you think you might need some medications to help with the anxiety, the stress, or the motion sickness? If so, plan ahead. Schedule an appointment with us. We can give you some medications that can help make the trip much smoother.

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