3 Tips to Simplify Your Cat’s Vet Visit – Medical Minute

3 Tips to Simplify Your Cat’s Vet Visit – Medical Minute with Dr. McGlasson

Cats typically have about 45 to 80 scent receptors but can have as many as 200 million in their noses, so this can be overwhelming when assailed with the unusual scents in your car.

Even more than scent, cats dislike loud noises and get nervous when they hear unfamiliar sounds.

If you ever wondered why your cat hates car rides, specifically trips to the vet, so fervently, this explanation might supply you with a bit of perspective. 

Why Your Cat Hates Trips to the Vet

Firstly, cats are creatures of habit. Taking them out of their day-to-day routine might induce some stress. Secondly, leaving the comfort of home is hard for these mostly indoor pets. Especially for cats who are, more often than not, exclusively indoor pets. If your cat isn’t in the car very often, unfamiliarity with the environment is enough to make them nervous. The movement of the car as well can cause motion sickness. 

Another contributor is the negative emotions associated with your cat’s carrier. Aside from the fact that your cat can’t see what’s going on around them while in the carrier, if you don’t keep your cat carrier out where your cat can go in and out of it to get comfortable with it, it will only associate the carrier with stress and anxiety.

How to Make Your Vet Visit Easier

50% of cats do not see their vets annually. Owners attribute this to the fact that their cats hate vet visits. However, that doesn’t give cats a free pass to miss their annual appointments. Cats need vet visits just as much as dogs do.

Here are 3 tips to make your cat’s visits to the vet easier!

  1. Keep your pet’s carrier out where they can get in and out of it. A lot of people only get the carrier out once a year for vet trips, leading the cat to associate the carrier with negative emotions. Leave your carrier out so your pet can familiarize themselves with it. When it’s time for a vet visit, it’s not stressful.
  2. If your cat is extremely fearful, give us a call ahead of time. We have medications we can administer that will help calm your pet before you bring them in.
  3. Lastly, use our online check-in system. Keep your cat comfortable in the safety of your home. When we have an exam room ready for you, your cat can go straight from the car to the private exam room.

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